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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

An unhappy generator

We decided to make the short hop to join Wanuskewin at the Tortuga Islands.  Underway Dave was running the generator when it started to make a funny noise.  Melissa yelled up to Dave in the cockpit, but didn’t even get a half a yell out before Dave was headed down the stairs – having already heard the funny thumpity-thumpity-thumpity noise.  He shut the generator down till we got anchored.  First he checked the cooling water intake and found a plastic candy wrapper that he figured was blocking the intake.  So he started up the generator again.  A few minutes later it shut itself off.  It has an automatic shut off that turns off the generator when it goes above 175 degrees.  Dave opened up the compartment again to find that the fresh water intake hose clamp had broken and all the cooling water was just dumping into the bilge.  He replaced the clamp and the generator is now happy!

We had Holly and Mike over for dinner, after which it was time for more episodes of Tales of the Gold Monkey.

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