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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Why plumbers swear

Today we stayed in Prince Rupert with hopes of completing a few boat projects.  An oil change, and since Dave had seen some water in the fuel - a cleaning of the fuel filter.  Turned out there wasn't as much water contamination as he had feared.  Dave also wanted to install a filtered water tap on the kitchen sink.  The way the thing is currently, there is a cold water filter that slows the water to a trickle when its set all the way to cold water.  This is great for drinking water as the filter gets rid of the plastic taste that the water picks up from the tanks.  Its not so good when I am trying to do something like rinse off pasta in cold water.  So Dave figured on getting a small faucet and running the filtered water to it so that I could have full pressure cold water through the regular kitchen faucet.  Alas after walking 3 miles and checking three hardware stores, including the smallest Wall-Mart in North America we couldn't find an appropriate faucet fixture.  So he figures he will just put in a bypass valve under the sink.  I can turn it on when I want filtered water and shut it off when I want full pressure.  Seems a reasonable solution.  Alas, after having bought all the fittings and taken them back to the boat, Dave promptly discovers that despite the assurances of the guy at the hardware store, the fittings do come in multiple sizes - the boat fittings are different than the ones you find in a house.  So Melissa walks the 3 miles back to the store to return everything.  Ug.

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