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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea


We left Zihuatanejo yesterday afternoon headed for Acapulco.  We are starting to adjust to these overnight ventures.  Princess Melissa sort of likes going to bed and waking up somewhere else.  Dave seems not to overly mind a single overnight at the helm.  Melissa has even managed to convince herself (more or less) that Dave won't fall overboard at night when she isn't watching him like a hawk.

In the early morning hours a speed boat came up on us fast.  Salty Dog (our buddy boat) hollered out on the radio for us to look sharp as no one could tell what it was.  Dave yelled down to Melissa who had just woken up to put on her clothes and get top side ASAP.  She dressed in record time and grabbed her camera.  Turned out to be a Naval vessel checking us out.  Somewhat disconcerting to see the machine guns, but we are actually pretty accustomed to that as you see a lot of armed guards in Mexico.  We've been told sometimes the Navy will board you - same as the US Coast Guard back home.  But they just took a look at us, then Salty Dog and then went on their way.

And here is a picture Salty Dog took of us underway:

Acapulco is by far the largest city we have visited by boat (Guadalajara being larger but inland).  Melissa turned a series of pictures into this panoramic photo of coming into the bay.

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