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Acapulco Cliff Divers

The one thing we really wanted to see in Acapulco was the famous cliff divers.  A bit of research showed that the restaurant on the cliff - La Perla - was pretty run down and the food rumored to be pretty awful.  So we decided to have dinner at a beach restaurant with Salty Dog and then head over to the pier to watch the show.  When we got there we decided would go to La Perla but only for drinks - $150 pesos ($11 USD) for two drinks plus being able to sit and see the 30 minute show rather than stand on the pier which would have cost $40 pesos each ($3 USD).  The show turned out to be pretty spectacular and Melissa was able to shoot some good video.

These are the guys from Salty Dog - Joan and Steve at La Perla:

And here is the video:

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