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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Chalk another one up for the benefits of paranoia

Some time back Dave decided that there must be a water leak somewhere in the boat because every few hours the water pump would run for a few seconds even though we didn’t have any faucets turned on.  Melissa said, “Yeah, but how big a deal can it be?  I just dumps a gallon or two a day into the bilge right?”  Well, it finally bugged Dave enough that a few weeks ago he tore apart the boat looking for the leak.  And low and behold what he found was that the water tank was in the process of rusting out.  So one of the critical projects before leaving the US was to get a replacement (exactly identical to simplify the work) and get it installed.  Would be bad to be two days sail from either Cabo or San Diego and have the thing finally blow completely and have water pouring out all over the place.  And yes, given how rusted we found it was when we pulled it out, it’s clear that it was on the very verge of a disaster.  Getting it out was a bear and we ended up with water spilled all over the place in the main cabin– even after Dave drained it into the bilge.  Fortunately putting the new one in was pretty easy.  No leaks first time around!

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