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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Civilization at last!

It’s our last day at sea, we should reach Cabo shortly after lunchtime.  We heard a radio call from another one of the Baja HaHa fleet in need of fuel.  The winds were super light this leg, and they didn’t have enough to make it all the way to Cabo.  Since we were only a few miles from them, and we have a 5 gallon can of diesel strapped to the deck, we volunteered to help out.  Dave plotted an intercept course and we hooked up with them.  We had them toss us a line, and since diesel floats, we just floated the can across to them.

We tried to check in at immigration, but alas they closed at 1pm.  So we won’t be able to process through immigration until tomorrow.  Very odd to us Americans who are used to the idea of going to jail if we step foot on land without clearing first.

We went to Alexander’s (Dave and Melissa’s favorite Cabo restaurant) for lunch.  Had the requisite margarita to celebrate having made it in one piece.  On the way back to the boat in the dingy, Dave and Melissa encountered a Baja HaHa boat trying to raft up in the marina.  They were having quite a struggle getting pulled in straight because their bow kept blowing off.  So we played tug boat with the dinghy and pushed their bow in for them.

Dave and Melissa were supposed to meet Alex and Kingston at the party at Squid Roe, but Dave fell sound asleep and Melissa couldn’t wake him up for the party.  No surprise as he has been awake since 1:30am.  Dingy's are stolen all the time in Mexico if you leave them in the water at night.  So since Dave was asleep, the task of raising the dingy up onto the arch via the pulley system fell to Melissa to accomplish solo.  Fortunately, she was able to do it even with the heavy motor, though it proved a bit of a challenge being so heavy.  Alex and Kingston managed to find the last panga out of Cabo around midnight to make it back to the boat.

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