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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Hope nobody is looking

Yesterday Melissa started taping and prepping to pain the headliner (the ceiling) of the boat.  With all the complex curves, taping took an entire day.  Then today she painted, and painted, and painted.  Even though she only used three quarts of paint, it took 8 hours because the work is so painstaking.  The result looks great though.  The paint is brighter and reflects more light, and all the mildew and water stains are gone.

When she was finally done, she went to take a shower.  She had paint everywhere – including her hair.  She had to stand on the cabinets to paint the ceiling in the kitchen and kept bumping her head on the fresh paint.  So she was scrubbing and scrubbing to get it all out – when she ran out of water.  Soap in her hair, dripping wet, she had to fill the tank from the hose on the dock.  Yes, there are multiple tanks.  But Melissa never bothered to have Dave show her how to switch tanks.  Alas, the main entryway was still taped shut.  That meant she had to crawl out the aft hatch – wearing nothing but Dave’s robe.  She must have been quite the sight, but fortunately no one seemed to be paying attention.

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