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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Mega Not

Joan (from Salty Dog) and Melissa headed off on the bus for a grocery shopping trip at Mega.  Mega is Mexico's version of a Fred Meyer or Walmart store.  Its got everything from groceries to dishwashers.  Considering themselves both experts at taking the Mexican buses around the various port towns, the girls head off with no worries.  They get on the bus telling the bus driver they want to go to Mega.  He shakes his head yes, this is indeed the bus to Mega.  When we get to the main part of town, the bus driver stops and yells out "Mega!".  We walk to the front and again confirm "this is the Mega stop?"  The driver says, "Si!" and points at the big building we stopped in front of.  We walk in and begin to shop.  Joan says, "You know this isn't like any Mega I've been in before.  Its laid out totally differently.".  Weird.  We eventually make our way to the liquor isle.  There are approximately 10 wines to choose from - virtually none of which are what we are after.  Hmmm.  Very strange.  Normally Mega carries about 50 different wines.  Then the light dawns.  This isn't Mega.  Don't know what it is, but we're not in Kansas anymore.  The store has most of what we are after though, so we finish our shopping and hop in a taxi back to the marina.  The Taxi pulls down the street a few blocks before he can turn around towards the marina - and (you saw this coming right?) there is the Mega not two blocks from where the bus driver let us off.  Why the bus driver intentionally deceived us is a complete mystery.  Its not unusual for this type of thing to happen with restaurants.  You ask a taxi driver to take you to XYZ restaurant and instead he insists on taking you to a "better" restaurant that turns out to be owned by his brother in law.  But why take us to a different warehouse store than where we asked to go?  Still puzzling over this one.

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