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No Superbowl commercials?!

Today was the day of the big game.  There were parties all over town.  Virtually every restaurant and bar here was advertising 2 for 1 drinks, cheap food, and a big screen TV.  We elected to be lazy and watch the game from the bar in the hotel rather than go into town.  We suspect we were the youngest people in the room.

Watching in Mexico was a bit odd.  Most of the commentary was in English - same as you heard in the US.  But during the breaks, they would switch to Spanish.  All the screen labels and so forth were also in Spanish.  And the worst was that there were none of the great Superbowl commercials!  So the half time wasn't nearly as entertaining.

There was one guy behind us who was cheering for the Broncos.  By half time he had turned on his own team and was swearing and cussing at the them.  That's one thing I can say about Seattle fans - we never turn on our own team.  Had we lost, Seattle would still have thrown them a party.

None the less, by halftime the room had cleared out nearly all the Bronco fans and only the die hard Hawks fans stayed.  It was almost embarrassing.  When we ran the kick off back for a touch down in the first play of the second half, we just burst out laughing.

Bottom line... WAY TO GO HAWKS!!!

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