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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Small Project Day

We awoke this morning to a deluge.  It rained an inch in a matter of minutes.  This is the first rain we've seen since San Francisco in September.  The dinghy was full of water before you could blink.  Workers were out digging out plugged sewers that had overflowed.  Then a short while later the sun came out and it was hot and humid today.  This afternoon while walking across the town square, Melissa noticed that the gardeners had dragged all the sprinklers and hoses out and turned them on anyway.  Gotta love Mexico.

We hopped on the bus and headed into Puerto Vallarta for a stop at Home Depot.  We were looking for a 4" hole saw, a ceiling mount speaker, an electrical outlet box, and some wire.  For Mexico - that list is a challenge.  We were not at all sure we would find the hole saw nor the speaker.  Much to our surprise, the Home Depot had everything and at reasonable prices.  But on the bus on the way home, Dave remembered he also needed a toggle switch.  So he hopped off the bus at the computer store in the small town of La Cruz where the marina is located.  The store has buckets of old computer parts you can buy for a song.  We had already bought two small computer fans that we had planned to use for ventilation - perfect because they are 12 volts.  But no switch.  The guy at the computer store points Dave towards the auto parts store three houses down.  Dave goes down there and finds a bucket of parts sitting on the counter.  He digs through it, and sure enough finds a toggle switch.  Go figure.

So when Dave got back to the boat, he installed a fan to vent the ice maker and a fan to vent the water maker.  In the heat down here, both those compartments were overheating and we were afraid of the equipment failing.  Then he installed a ceiling speaker connected to the VHF radio so we can monitor the radio from inside the boat.  This will make it much easier to listen to the morning net while we are having our coffee.  And when other boats hail us during the day, we've been missing them as its hard to hear the radio up in the cockpit when we are below.  And he installed an electrical outlet at the back of the ice maker cabinet so we can get that power cord out of the way.

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