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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Squid Attack!

We woke up this morning to a strange sight.  There were 6 inch squid all over the deck.  Sometime during the night, we had gone through a huge school of them and some of them had jumped out of the water and landed on the decks and slimed the windows.  No clue why they do this – maybe they think the boat is a whale attacking them and they try to get away?  Had we been interested in eating calamari we could have eaten our fill!  A seagull was grateful though.  Dave would toss the squid in the water and the seagull would chomp them down.

We were still finding dried squid stuck on the decks days later.

Yesterday started off as a nice sailing day.  However, by nightfall, the wind had kicked up and the seas got sloppy.  We spent the next 30 hours inside a washing machine.  By evening of the second day, Melissa was wore out.  The wind was almost 30 knots.  Stuff that never goes flying off the counters and shelves was all over the floor.  One casualty was Melissa’s 1 Terabyte drive where all her pictures and videos are stored.  Not much was permanently lost - thank goodness for Carbonite!  As we came into the bay this morning at first light, we had to turn beam to the waves, and took some rolls all the way to 45 degrees.  The boat did great – popping right back up.  But the noise it makes as everything sloshes around in the cupboards.

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