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the French Bakery

January 7, 2014

We awoke this morning, made our coffee and tuned into our first morning radio net here in Barra de Navidad.  Mostly the usual stuff - the weather, who's just come in to the bay, who's leaving, etc.  But there were several comments about the "French Bakery" and somebody or other who needed baguettes.  A short while later we hear a skiff going by and pop out to take a look.  Here is what we found pulling up to the side of the boat.

He's an honest to goodness Frenchman making FABULOUS French pastries.  Dave had a croissant and I had a raisin Danish filled with cream cheese filling.  OMG.  Good thing we aren't staying here long - we'd both gain 100 lbs.  He delivers to the marina and the anchorage every morning except Wednesdays (his day off).  How fun is that?

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