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What exactly is a bralette anyway?

Melissa here.  Spoiler alert.  There are no pictures as a part of this post.  And this may well have been funnier in my head.  And with wine.

While in Seattle, I needed to replace a few bras.  The ones I brought on the trip had imploded.  The underwire wore through the fabric and was poking in places that just shouldn’t be poked.  So off to Nordstrom’s I went.  I told the clerk I was there to buy two bras – one black and one tan.  That’s all that would fit on the boat I told her.  I walked out with six.  How does that happen anyway?  I’m a reasonably self-assured type.  Yet the clerk managed to talk me into six.  Ok, admittedly there was some new bra technology available.  And you know how I love new technologies.  I tried to explain the purchase to Dave and the conversation went like this:

Me: I bought six new bras.
Dave: Cool.  Will there be a fashion show later?
Me:  Ha ha.  Aren’t you the funny one.
Dave: Not that I’m complaining, but why six?
Me: Well, there are these new things called bralettes.  Super comfy thin cotton deal.  Perfect for the heat and humidity.  They look sort of like a training bra.
Dave: Training bra?  I always wondered what those things were.  I mean what exactly are you training them to do?  Be perky?  Do tricks of some kind?

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