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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Why would cleaning the dock lines be embarrassing you ask?

Practical Sailor recommends that you wash your dock lines (and any sort of ropes for that matter) by chaining them up like this:

Then putting each one in an old pillow case, and putting it in a front load washing machine with a small bit of soap.  Don't wash new lines as they have a coating on them, but old lines are ok to wash.  Since ours were covered with salt, polish, wax, and god knows what else, they had gotten all stiff and "icky" (the technical term according to Melissa).  So she decided to go ahead and wash them along with a bunch of other laundry while at the Laundromat.  Being her usual "get 'er done" self, it didn't dawn on her what this was going to look like from the outside.  That is till she unloaded the washing machine and started unloading the ropes from the pillow cases as you shouldn't put the ropes in the dryer.  The looks she was getting from the other Laundromat occupants suddenly caused the realization of how the juxtaposition of ropes and pillow cases must look.  Oh well, we are leaving here soon anyway...

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