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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Argovia - Spa

The second day we were at Argovia, we made a visit to the spa.  They have a Temazcal - which is a stone/cement round building that you sit inside.  Meanwhile a worker loads stones that have been heated to red hot in a fire into a pit below the building.  Once the rocks are loaded in, he dumps in a bucket of water - which fills the building with steam.  We had been afraid that with it being so hot that we would just die of the heat and steam.  But amazingly we didn't.  We believe in large part because while you are getting heated by the steam, at the same time you are being cooled by sitting on the cold stone.  It was a bit eerie at first because its dark in there when they shut the door.  But after a few minutes we were able to relax and enjoy it.  When we finally decided we had enough, we opened the door and the attendant had brought bowls of a white liquid we learned was clay.  You smear it all over yourself and then go back in for a bit.  The clay helps to exfoliate the skin and promotes cell regeneration.  Then we came out and they lead you to cold showers - water right from the river.  Cold, but refreshing.

Then we headed into the spa building which has an infinity pool that overlooks the jungle mountains.  The view is spectacular.


Then it was time for a couple of massages.  Ahhhh.

We are enjoying it here so much that we decided to extend our stay another night.  The food in the restaurant is great and we are just loving the jungle.

The only thing we aren't loving so much are the bugs.  At night we turn on the light in the bathroom and leave the door cracked.  That way any bugs that have made their way into the cabin hang out in the bathroom all night instead of eating us in bed.  We also found that at the restaurant we were best off in the darkest corner.  Romance aside, the bugs were not nearly as bad.  Thwack!  There goes another mosquito.  Only another 1,456,290 to go.

At one point we were sitting on the deck when a giant hairy spider came scampering across the deck.  Ever couple of feet he would jump up about 8 inches in the air like he was ready to spring an attack on an imaginary prey.  Melissa started screeching and insisted Dave kill it.  Even he didn't want to get anywhere near it.  So he threw a shoe at it and managed to nail it square.  We later learned it was probably a tarantula.  Odd for it to be so aggressive, but the light later dawned that it was being chased by a flying bug of some kind and was probably trying to defend itself.  Shoe 1, tarantula 0.

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