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Arches National Park

Late last night we pulled into our "Glamping" spot at Moab Under Canvas.  In the morning we awoke to a bit of fog.  The place is gorgeous.  Big king beds inside the tents.  The problem is that the place is located right next to a busy highway.  So that sort of spoiled the feeling of being out in the desert camping.

When the fog cleared a bit we headed for Arches National Park.  We had heard it was more beautiful than the Grand Canyon.  We've not yet seen the Grand Canyon (next stop) but we had to agree that the sights were amazing.

 We stopped for lunch at Sorrel River Ranch Resort.  A place we had spotted yesterday while driving down HWY 128.  Their lunch deck is right on the Colorado river and the views were great.  This is a super pricy place to stay ($400/night) but was the perfect spot to hand out in the sunshine.

While we were sitting there a blue heron happened by. 

Dave is a happy camper with a nice glass of chardonnay.

We then drove back up the highway to get some pictures that we couldn't in yesterday's rains.

We turned down a dirt road called Fisher Towers Trail.  At the end were these amazing rock formations.  As cool as anything we saw in the park.



We then took a jeep tour up the mountains to see the sunset.  Unfortunately we had no idea that the tour operator's son would decide that scaring us to death was fun.  So Melissa and Marla were pretty miserable the whole trip as the jeep slid across sheer rock faces, down vertical embankments, and up rocks you would swear the jeep couldn't possibly make without tipping over.  The guy faked brake failures just to get us to scream.  Here is more or less what the view out the window looked like - though this doesn't really do it justice.

And here is a picture of the other jeep that was with us going through the mud.

They did show us what they claimed were dinosaur tracks.  Though we wondered if they were put there just to show the tourists.

When we reached the top there was a cool view over the river at sunset.  But it wasn't worth the trip. 



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