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Blog posts : "2015 Back Home In The USA"

Spike goes on a mission

June 27, 2015

Its hot here in Seattle.  Like really hot.  Yesterday the high was 84.  And we about died trying to go to sleep because our new apartment faces south and has big windows.  As I write this its currently 89.  And its only going to get worse:

So it was time to buy a portable air conditioner…

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Spike Back In The Air!

June 7, 2015

After finally getting the repaired engine back together again, getting the final sign off from the mechanic, and then a trip to Arlington to get the transponder calibrated, and the plane is legal to fly again!  Whoo hoo!  Dave spent the whole weekend flying around.  He took Melissa's Dad for a burge…

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Home again, home again, jiggety jig

June 4, 2015

Been meaning to publish this post for a while.  A few pictures of us all moved in!


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Dave Gets A New Toy

May 24, 2015
When we got home, Melissa discovered that Dave had cleverly left all his remote control helicopters on Apsaras.  So of course, he needed a new one.  
A fancy quad copter they are called.  This one has the capability to shoot video.  The video feed is over a WiFi connection, but it use…

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Hooray for Alendronate

April 27, 2015

Three years ago Melissa insisted that her doctor run a bone density scan because there is a history in her family of severe osteoporosis.  Normally the first bone scan is run on women at age 50.  Melissa was only 45, but felt an early scan to have a good baseline was wise.  What they found was that …

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How not to dispose of an old engine

April 25, 2015

Since Melissa starts a new job on Monday, she has spent the past few days racing around running all the errands that she thought she had another week of freedom to accomplish.  One of the items on her to-do list was to dispose of an old engine block that has been stashed in the hanger.  Dave and Cur…

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We love desiccant

April 13, 2015

What is desiccant?  Its that packet of stuff you find inside packaging and pill bottles that says "do not eat".  Its designed to absorb water so that items in shipment don't get damaged by mold or moisture.  You can buy them in industrial sized packages designed to protect giant shipping containers.…

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Dave is now where? Czech Republic?!

April 11, 2015

Dave left Monday on a flight to Czech Republic (Melissa had to look up the spelling).  When they landed at the airport, one of the guys got a ticket for picking them up at the wrong place.  They had to pay an $8 fine on the spot. Wonder how much of that actually made it to the government coffers...…

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Nirvana Now Scuttled

April 9, 2015

One of the boats (Nirvana Now) Dave helped with some electronic systems issues while we were in Panama, headed out weeks ago to cross the Pacific on their way to French Polynesia.  Unfortunately they had issues with both their sail and rudder.  And its now been reported that they had to scuttle t…

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What McGyver is good for

March 24, 2015

Ok, thanks to a friend, Miklos, we now have the best description of McGuyver's skills to date...

Note to myself: if the zombie apocalypse does hit, get Dave’s current address. He sounds like a useful guy to have around for everyday tasks, like when we will need to install a self-driving module in…

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Fun with the GPS tracker

March 22, 2015

Today Dave went to the track in Shelton to race about in his Infinity.  He had a GPS tracker in the car with him and was able to graph his speeds and location.  In the picture below you can see how accurate the GPS location is - and the shape of the racetrack in Shelton. The graph on the left shows …

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One stinkin' email

March 19, 2015

Back in February when we knew we would be coming home Melissa started emailing everyone she knew to let them know she would be back in town and looking for contract work.  About 100 emails later, she figured she might help Dave start to look for a job too.  So she looked up his favorite avionics man…

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New Toy

March 16, 2015

Ok, we couldn't resist.  We have visited enough friends who have one of these gadgets, so we finally had to break down and buy one.  We love the little sucker.  It's a Keurig K45 unit.  And dang if it doesn't make great coffee...

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A new place to live

March 15, 2015

Originally we had decided not to look for a permanent location to live till we both found jobs so we could minimize the commute.  But today we came across a one of a kind place - top floor with 20 foot ceilings in a central location.  So we couldn't resist renting it.  Move in day is April 2.  And t…

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Annual St Patrick's Day Concert

March 14, 2015

One of the fun things about being back in Seattle is that we can take advantage of the music and arts scene.  So one of the first things we did was to attend the annual St Patrick's Day concert in Kirkland by our favorite local artist, Geoffrey Castle.  Complete with Irish dancing girls and a rendi…

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The box is more fun than the present

March 13, 2015

Our good friends Valentina and Mark hosted us when we returned from Panama for a week.  As a thank you, Melissa ordered up some steaks and cheesecake from the Chicago Steak company and had them shipped to their doorstep.  Apparently Valentina decided the dry ice that came in the box was more fun tha…

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Spike needs some attention

March 5, 2015

Last week Dave started working on getting his airplane, affectionately known as Spike, ready to fly again.  Spike was put in mothballs two years ago when we left Seattle.  He needs a full inspection which means Dave has to tear apart the whole airplane to get it ready for the mechanic to come and do…

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Jobless and Homeless

March 2, 2015

We continue to interview for jobs... well, Melissa continues to interview for jobs.  Dave is hopeful he will see an offer here soon for a job he is super excited about.  So he is hanging out working on his airplane while Melissa continues to look for a job.  Interviews used to be intimidating. That …

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A visit to our furniture

March 1, 2015

So this weekend we decided to head over to Sequim and visit our furniture at Lisa and Murph's place on the water.  Some of you may recall that when we packed up our condo to go sailing, we shipped all the furniture over to their place. They didn't have any furniture yet in this 4000 sq foot retireme…

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Melissa sick all week

February 20, 2015

So Melissa's grand plan to visit her Dad for a few days, then head back down to the Seattle area and start interviewing for jobs got completely wiped out this week when three days after arriving, she got a terrible cold, which promptly irritated her asthma.  Dang it.  She was totally off all the ast…

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