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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Apsaras gets her sails back!

This morning Dave held an SSB test net for people from yesterday's seminar so that they could test their SSB unit signal strength.  About 20 people checked in - many of whom again expressed their thanks for Dave doing the seminar.  This afternoon the marina again asked if he would do it again before we leave as the people who didn't attend have heard about how great it was and want to see it.

We headed off to breakfast and ran into the gang from Cake and Rollercoaster so we had breakfast with them.  Later Jerry and Carol came over and we took them to Masala's for dinner.  Fabulous food and company!

Dave went over and helped Lazy Days (a 49 foot power boat) with their SSB packet modem.  Turned out to be an incompatibility between their new Windows 8 PC and the USB to serial converter software.  Nothing to be done for it other than to buy a new serial converter that's compatible or use a Windows 7 box.  None the less Ron was impressed that it only took Dave 30 minutes to figure it out.

This afternoon Mike from PV sailing brought Apsaras her sails back.  They look almost like new.  Below is a picture of Mike's sail shop.  Its in a palapa behind the main boat yard.  No reason to have walls in this weather!

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