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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Challenging Dingy Landing

So we've been working our way up dingy landing wise.  Today we knew we were going to get wet.  We went to the beach in front of the Walmart where the surf was about three feet high.  We floated for quite a while before Dave decided to go for it - timing it between the biggest breakers.  We landed safely.  Getting out was a bit trickier as the wave size was a bit larger.  The typical gig is that Melissa climbs in and Dave gets wet trying to keep Melissa dry.  This time Melissa realized that was probably a recipe for dumping the dingy over.  So she volunteered to walk the dingy out through the surf with Dave - one of us on each side.  This worked well in so far as getting us past the rolling surf without dumping the dingy.  But we both got wet from head to toe.  Not that getting wet is all that bad in the warm water down here.  We just gotta start wearing our swimsuits rather than clothes when we land in the surf.  And then Dave climbed into the dingy, but Melissa couldn't hop in.  There is very little to cling to on the side of the boat so she couldn't climb aboard.  Dave had to haul her up.  Hmmm.  We need a rope step that we can hang over the side for just such occasions.

We then headed into the marina to have drinks with new friends from Salty Dog.  They were on the Baja HaHa with us, but we hadn't met them before.  We had a great time swapping sea stories and decided to head out with them buddy boat tomorrow for the two day sail to Zihuatanejo.

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