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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Great turnout!

Last night it POURED rain again.  Because of the threat of lightning, we had put all the portable electronics (cell phones and laptops) in the oven before we went to bed to protect them.  None the less, we managed to forget to close all the hatches.  Not a big deal because other than the electronics pretty much everything on the boat inside and out is designed to get wet.  However, we left the hatch in the aft bathroom open and that hatch seems to just pour in the water when it rains.  So Melissa got up at 3am to use the bathroom and put one foot through the door, it went "splash!" in an inch of water.  Dang it.  Now the bottom hem of her PJ's are wet.  And they are only going to get wetter if she tries to sit down.  So she has to take off her PJs before she can use the head.  Ok, stop laughing its not that funny.

This morning we headed over to the Masala restaurant to give them back their radio along with the antenna Dave had built for them out of spare coax.  When we arrive, they had already determined the old car battery they had been using to power the radio would no longer hold a charge and were working on getting a new one.  This gave us a good feeling that the radio really was worth the effort because it helps them bring in more business.  And as our favorite restaurant, we want them to be around next time we find our way to this part of the world.  We ordered a breakfast burrito to split between us for breakfast and some water to drink.  We suspected something was up when coffee service arrived which we hadn't ordered.  Followed by an appetizer of French toast (ok that is typical).  Then our breakfast burrito arrived - split between two plates, along with a split order of spinach frittata with warm tomato topping.  It was amazing food as usual.  When we finished we asked for the check which we were promptly told would be zero.  Despite our objections they refused to bring us a check.  We left a tip anyhow.  Fingers crossed that we hear them on the morning net here soon.

So a week or so ago Melissa managed to volunteer Dave to do a seminar on SSB (Single Side Band) radios here at the VIP lounge in the marina.  All week we've been working on the presentation.  Dave responsible for content and Melissa working on "making it look pretty".  We figured 20 people might show up (though Dave was afraid it would be 3).  The marina set up chairs for 30 people.  60 people showed up to a standing room only presentation.  People littered the floor.  To say it was more successful than we had hoped is an understatement.  Comments included, "the content was just the right level.  Not to deep but just right so I could understand it.", "the best presentation I've ever seen at the marina", "Are you going to do it again?" (this from someone who missed the first half and regretted it).  The seminar ran an hour, but people stayed another 45 minutes in line to talk to Dave while Melissa passed out contact information.  When we went up to the marina office later, we heard that harbormaster had told the marina that they needed to give us a free slip if Dave would agree to stay longer and do it again.  We are sure that we will be getting email requests for help debugging radio systems for a while here.

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