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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

Mexican pharmacies

Another Medco fiasco has left Melissa without her asthma medicine.  Somehow, Medco decided we no longer had medical insurance and hence wouldn’t fill any orders.  Sigh.  So she had to have the prescription filled in Cabo.  Before leaving Seattle Melissa had the doctors give her and Dave duplicate prescriptions to carry with them for this precise eventuality.  (Yep – that paranoia thing wins again!)  However, whether this was actually going to work or not was an interesting question.  She went to several pharmacies – there is one on every corner here – like Starbucks back in Seattle.  They try to sell all sorts of stuff to the tourists cheap that you have to have a prescription for in the states that they will just sell on the streets down here.  But none of those pharmacies had the stuff Melissa needed.  For that you have to go to one of the larger pharmacies.  They didn’t have it, but they could get it in the next day.  And indeed when it showed up it was the correct prescription (Melissa used google translator to verify).  And it was a fraction of the cost that it is back home.  Gotta love that.

Today Melissa finished teak oiling the interior.  And with the fresh headliner paint the interior looks like new.  Teak oiling was another huge job like painting the headliner that is best to do while Dave is gone.  It’s hard enough to move about the boat with everything removed from the cabinets and cupboards with just one person aboard.  In fact, Melissa considered getting a cheap hotel room as the mess got to be a bit much after almost a week of working on the boat.  Here is what it looked like while in process:

Melissa has decided that underwater epoxy is the coolest thing ever.  Better even maybe than bondo.  Underwater epoxy is a putty like substance that you mix together by rolling it around with your fingers and it sets hard in 5 minutes.  But you don’t have to use it just underwater.  Melissa found that she could patch all sorts of small holes in the headliner with it by just squishing it into the holes and patting them smooth.  Lots of the screw holes that hold up various panels in the ceiling have gotten bigger over time such that the screws no longer hold firm.  So Melissa was able to repair all of these and then drill new holes so that the screws all hold tight.  So all the freshly painted plates are now squarely in place.  Melissa also repaired all the plates and holes that Dave has drilled into the headliner while installing various pieces of deck hardware.  So the headliner now looks like new!

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