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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you?

We decided this morning was Zoo day.  We headed off in a taxi across town.  When we arrived at the Zoo we were faced with this sign:

Hmmm.  Well, we know we need the basic zoo access.  And we want to see the aquarium.  But what the heck is Sky Zoo?  And Safari could be good.  But what is it?  We spend a few minutes trying to read the fine print.  When the light dawns that the "Diamante" package clearly includes everything and is $13 US Dollars.  Ok, time to stop debating and just buy the top end package so we can go wherever we like.  Later we find this was a good move as we ended up doing all the things described on the sign.

The first thing we encounter is the Sky Zoo.  This turns out to be a ski lift that is about 1/2 mile long and stretches across most of the zoo.  This is a great way to start as you can get the lay of the land.


At the very end of the tram at the edge of the zoo there is an incredible view:

The lemurs were cool.  If you look carefully at the left you can see the babies.

After that we got a look at the polar bear:

He decided it was time to go in the water and put on a show: 

After that we went into a monkey area that had these tiny monkeys.  They were escape artists.  Despite the double door to try and keep them in, they made a run for it when we opened the inside door.  A zoo worker came with a squirt bottle filled with water to "escort" him back into the cage.  As soon as we got inside, we realized they were fascinated by the camera and were hence all over Melissa.  



After that we took a safari ride.  This was super cool and made you think you were on a real African safari. 



The ostrich's were in the process of molting.  It wasn't pretty. 


Then we got to feed the giraffes!!  How cool is that!



After that we got on the train for a ride around the zoo.



And these are surely Mexican kangaroos as they are obviously enjoying their siesta. 

Then it was off to the aquarium.



 Morey eel's are cool.

Dave comes face to face with a giant piranha:

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