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Melissa & Dave - Adventures at Sea

What the heck is a flopper stopper?!

We've gotten the question - what is a "flopper stopper"?  We made reference to wishing we had one when we experienced  rolling around in the swell at our first ocean anchorage.  Well the parts all arrived, and Melissa assembled them this afternoon.  There are two long ropes each with 7 of these orange cones attached to them with a weight at the very bottom.

You hang one rope off each side of the boat, and they are supposed to prevent you from rolling in the surf when you are at anchor.  They even claim they can be drug behind the boat in heavy seas and they will help keep you from rocking and rolling, though we wouldn't want to trust our lives to that.  For that we have a professional drogue.  We will be super happy if these babies just let us sleep quietly in ocean anchorages!


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